A Different Story

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A Different Story (Un'altra storia)

A Different Story (Un'altra storia)

original title:

Un'altra storia


Rita Borsellino, Totò Cuffaro, Enrico Bellavia, i comitati per Rita Borsellino/Rita Borsellino’s Election Comittee, i ragazzi di Rita Express/Rita Express’Boys






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Betacam - colour


Ready (05/10/2006)

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Rita Borsellino, is a popular antimafia activist, an uncorrupted name, new to the political scene. Since the murder of her brother, the judge killed by Mafia she has toured the length of Italy giving speeches, and promoting initiatives against the Mafia. Salvatore 'Toto' Cuffaro is the incumbent governor, He is on trial for aiding and abetting the mafia, accused of leaking information to the Mafia about police investigations into organised crime. The documentary film pursue the campaigns of two controversial candidates as they prepare to do battle. It portrays a human conflict, a clash between two candidate's opposing views on power, legality and, more significantly, the condition of modern day Sicily itself. More than just a story of politics, is the story of the Sicilian people and their willingness to fight for change. Recorded over 7 months of the electoral campaign the film reflects a desire to break the long established political stranglehold and to build " A different Story".