E guardo il mondo da un oblò

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E guardo il mondo da un oblò

E guardo il mondo da un oblò

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E guardo il mondo da un oblò

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35mm - colour

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Mike is a young boy who has left studies and, been let go from the girl for an engineer Parisian, finds job in a laundry through which tries to escape to the rest of the world in order to find again a little serenity. it's just this long series of encounter that characterizes our history wich is only an "analysis" After some week of job, Mike understands one fundamental truth: people have more need than to communicate that not to wash the dirty cloth. All have in head a great idea, a philolosphic concept to share, but the occasions in order to make it are indeed little. Tired and by now depressed Mike sleeps and in a dream has a vision here... a flight... a woman.. seer words (him customer) and that the light hope returns, also if light, to enjoy his better years... But with who it will take to Mike this much waited for and strange flight?