Come tu mi vuoi (first feature)

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Come tu mi vuoi

Come tu mi vuoi

Giada, who is anything but stylish, in part out of necessity, in part because she likes being different, is a model student faced with the modern dilemma of being or appearing. Riccardo, good looking and spoiled, has the muscles, designer clothes and uncaring attitude of a typical product of an upper-class neighbourhood. These two opposing worlds collide during a university exam, as a series of coincidences transforms Giada into Riccardo's tutor. After an initial iciness, and egged on by a cruel bet, love breaks out between the two of them. But Giada knows that Riccardo does not consider her worthy to become a part of his world. Desperate to win him back, Giada betrays her ideals, changing her way of being, looking and thinking. She plunges into a strange new world filled with designer fashions and exclusive parties...