7/8 (Sette Ottavi) (first feature)

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7/8 (Sette Ottavi)

7/8 (Sette Ottavi)

7/8 (Sette Ottavi)

original title:

7/8 (Sette Ottavi)

directed by:


Stefano Landini, in collaboration with Devor de Pascalis, Giulia Graglia


set design:

costume design:





film run:



HD - b/w

aspect ratio:


Either opinions or belonging to ethnical,political or religious groups are 'fight stuff' often boosted by Media.Expression/artistic forms -Literature,Music,Painting an so on- may represent a threat to Totalitarianism: danger is who invites to just think, first of all. Totalitarianisms often forbid listening of Music; they define it sometimes 'People's opium'. In Italy such restrictions occured basically during Fascist Era. It didn't happen to burn books. But many artists and intellectuals weren't seen as good by Regime. Also Music was censored: jazz,as 'esothic vehicle' and menace to the Italic melody, wasn't tolerated. When the Alliance with Hitler was tightened,what came from the US was mocked by the Regime's 'culture';some restrictions limited the possibilities of playing it in front of an audience. In this movie the situation is narrated together with the parallel and more tragic intolerance towards the Jewish people, coming from the Racial Laws. The musicians in the story are object of a discrimination;they represent a sad scapegoat of what Intolerance can bring to. An irrational thirst for revenge flows over them with no matter: they're brought to die because of a judicial mistake, but also because of a repression, out of Ages or Hystorical content,which should invite everyone to reflect. It's a fiction story: that's why I apologize of mistakes, but first of all and beyond opinions it should start a debate about freedom of ideas and arts.