Se chiudi gli occhi (first feature)

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Se chiudi gli occhi

Se chiudi gli occhi

Se chiudi gli occhi

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Se chiudi gli occhi

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Veronica, a young single mother with an adolescent son, is driving her car along a road by the sea. It’s night time. Suddenly, a car swerves into her lane, breaks the crash barrier and crashes into the sea. She reacts instinctively, terrified at having such a close brush with death, and carries on without stopping. By the time she returns to some sense of normality, it is too late to go back. She is trembling, crying. As she finds out in the newspapers the next day, the driver ends up in hospital in a coma. From then on, Veronica’s life takes an unexpected twist. Events happen which she doesn’t seem to have any control over. Veronica tells her friend Sara about the car which crashed into the sea. During the recovery operations, the boot of the car was found to contain the body of a woman with several organs removed. The police keeps the finding of the body secret and starts investigations, tracking down an illicit trafficking of organs. With the help of a witness, they try to trace Veronica’s identity. Veronica, who had until then divided her life between the love of her son and her passion for music, becomes gripped by the fear of being discovered...