Double (first feature)

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Double (Doppio)

Double (Doppio)

Double (Doppio)

original title:


directed by:



set design:

Mimma Conti, Eleonora Zullo, Anna Petra Trombini

costume design:

Alexandra Monti, Rosaria Giacomino

visual effects:



ADC Group, Digital Recording Studios






HD - colour

release date:


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Milan, racing and alive, is the background to the story of Luca and Mickey, two brothers in their thirties, perennially in conflict and intent on reaching their individual dreams. A dry comedy, which at times is bitter and then fleets to ironic and amusing.
Luca, a writer, dreams of making an independent film based on his own script:. In his struggle to live and pay the rent on his one room flat, which he shares with his brother Mickey, he is obliged to work as a script adapter for the dubbing of soap operas. Mickey, an aspiring theatre actor, is persuaded by his brother to have a try at film dubbing, an activity which he does not find to his liking but which, through a series of events, will give a positive turn to his life. Spite, malice, love affairs, revenge, dreams and delusions all take place in the space of three days within the dubbing complex. The rooms, the corridors, the garden and the terrace are the stage for many a story within a story.