We believed

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We believed (Noi credevamo)

We believed (Noi credevamo)

We believed (Noi credevamo)

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Noi credevamo

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35mm - colour

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Following the fierce Bourbon repression of the political movements of 1828 which touched all their families, three young men from the south of Italy decide to join Giuseppe Mazzini’s “Giovane Italia”. Through four separate episodes, each reflecting the hidden pages of the birth of Italian unification, the lives of Domenico, Angelo and Salvatore will be tragically marked by their conspiratorial and revolutionary missions, balanced as they are between moral rigour and murderous impulses, the spirit of sacrifice and fear. In the background, the unknown history of the birth of the country, of implacable conflicts among the founding fathers, of the fracture between the North and the South and of the contorted roots from which will grow the Italy we now live in.