Una notte (first feature)

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Una notte

Una notte

Una notte

original title:

Una notte

directed by:


costume design:


DiElleO, in collaboration with Donatella Palermo





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby Digital

release date:


festivals & awards:

Salvatore, Annamaria, Alfonso e Riccardo come from the upper middle class of Naples. They are forty years old. They was born in Naples but they live elsewhere because their working career is in an other city. They return in their city of origin for the funeral of their more beloved friend: Antonio. After the funeral waking of the defunct one, they decide to have supper together.
From this moment in then, they begin to tell themselves, and therefore it begins the travel between the memories, the shared experiences, the budgets of everyone's life that it will last for the entire night.
Even if during the university they were a group much joining, they are not looked at from much time.
Salvatore and Annamaria have gone to living to Rome. Even if they live in the same city, they never met themselves. Salvatore is married but he does not love his wife. He is obsessed by her because she call him continuously.
Salvatore has not forgotten the intense love story with Annnamaria and she neither, too.
Riccardo lives in Bologna where he run a family business, Alfonso, instead, is an engineer and lives in Cremona. Alfonso is very shy and is a reserved person but also cheapskate, even if he gain a lot of money.
Riccardo has a strange personality. Ha hates in exaggerated way Naples. He is always critical on all, he is arrogant, boaster, but fundamentally he has an sensitive soul. During the supper, the four decide to contact Luigi, who is the only one that still lives to Naples. He met every day Antonio. He called the four to inform them of the funeral. In order to exorcize the suffering, Luigi drags the band turn the city for all night long. He drags the friends to a party and then in the club where went with Antonio the night of the incident.
The four travel in a taxi. The taxi driver is like Caronte in the Divine Comedy. He is a ferryman. He ferrys the lost souls of the of the guy across the cityfor all night long, and he become their life's teacher.