Medea Miracle

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Medea Miracle (Médée Miracle)

Medea Miracle (Médée Miracle)

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Médée Miracle

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Lontane Province Film, Stella Films, Arte, Les films du Camélia

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HD - colour

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Medea, a Greek goddess is now Irène, a woman of today. Like Medea she has left her homeland to follow Jason in Paris: they have two children and own a café-dance club. When he leaves her for another woman, she is left alone with her children and Martha, the young mute woman who has travelled with her to Paris, and will remain by her side. She contemplates getting her revenge over Jason but bad things start to happen to her and she almost ends up going crazy. Only a gesture from her devoted Martha will save her. She begins to lead a new life, wanting to help those like her in need, but it will not be easy