Good morning heartache (second feature)

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Good morning heartache (Riprendimi)

Good morning heartache (Riprendimi)

Good morning heartache (Riprendimi)

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Two filmmakers begin to track every intimate moment in the lives of struggling actor Giovanni and his wife, Lucia, who works freelance as a film editor. Yet, this film study on precarious existence is suddenly shattered by deep emotion and simple human truth, as cruel as it is banal, when Giovanni walks out on Lucia and their infant right before the camera. The camera continues relentlessly filming the couple despite this unexpected real life crisis, and Lucia’s solitude and heartache are mercilessly dissected by the lens of cameraman Eros. Step by step, he silently follows Lucia’s everyday courage, her humiliating difficulties as an abandoned mother, her desperate efforts to work under impossible conditions. At the same time, Lucia’s husband is having a passionate fling with a sensuous single woman he meets in a bar, and is living in the exhilaration of this new freedom. Three women friends of Lucia’s offer advice, sympathy, and support, yet they too are faced with heartaches. It seems that men and women willing to commit themselves to others, whether as employers or as life partners, are rare. Lucia is witness to a fatal motorcycle accident, and then to the desperate act of one of her lonely women friends. It becomes only too clear to both her and Eros that not only jobs are precarious, but that our world and every instant of human life are too. Eros’ tenderness and admiration grows day by day as he observes Lucia’s uncompromising participation in everything life brings. And it is the precious beauty of loyalty and commitment, when this happens between two people, that can make the solitary journey of a strong young woman finally perfect and complete.