SMS - sotto mentite spoglie

SMS - sotto mentite spoglie

SMS - sotto mentite spoglie

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SMS - sotto mentite spoglie

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35mm - colour

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When Laura leaves him, Stefano takes it badly, spending most of his time at home, except for going to see his best friend, so that he can vent his hurt and anger. Meanwhile Laura meets Walter, a thirty year-old who has just moved into the neighbourhood. They start going out and become a couple, but now it is Laura who finds herself, and for the very first time, constantly apologising, giving Walter needless gifts and feeling jealous and nosy when she calls him. And this time it is she who suffers when he cheats on her and then leaves her. A few months later, Laura meets Stefano again, and the two decide to get back together. Laura finds that she is truly happy with Stefano, and the they seem on the verge of getting married. But first Stefano must reveal something he can no longer hold inside...