K il bandito

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K il bandito

K il bandito

K il bandito

original title:

K il bandito

directed by:



set design:


Kandito, Compañia General de la Imagen (Buenos Aires)





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SRD

A criminal known as K rises to fame in Venice: we follow his life over twenty years, from the early 1960’s to the end of the 1970’s, from his difficult childhood as an half-Italian, half-Yugoslav émigré and son of a prostitute to his daring hold-ups and brazen escapes from prison. K as a young thug falls in love with Clara. It is the beginning of the love story of their life, but living outside the law can have cruel and irreparable consequences. K is an anti-hero, romantic and lonesome, with the charisma of the born leader and his own moral sense: he refuses to be involved with the Mafia and the BR and rejects the use of weapons. The underworld of organised crime despises his independent character, which on the contrary gains him the respect of the common people and even of Commissario Tancredi, his antagonist and adversary. K eventually has no chance other than to perform a hold-up with some unreliable partners and gets stuck between them and those sections of the police who want to see him dead. For a trick of fate, K falls into a police trap and is killed only due to a chance event.