The house in the clouds (first feature)

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The house in the clouds (La casa sulle nuvole)

The house in the clouds (La casa sulle nuvole)

The two brothers Michele and Lorenzo live in their parental home in Italy. Michele, a dog trainer, is introverted and difficult to approach. The extraverted jazz musician Lorenzo is always open for new encounters. They learn that their father, Dario, who left 12 years ago, has sold their house and now lives in Marrakech. They travel to Marrakech to get their house back. This road movie offers a refreshing approach to classic themes such as generation conflict, growing up, and the search for identity. The characters are constructed intelligently. How to make an unreliable selfish person as Dario look sympathetic? A brilliant result. The three men leave for the desert, where they get closer. The viewer is witness to an unforgettable image of an ascending balloon. The title refers both to the balloon and to Dario's character: a man who builds houses of air. A road movie about the “father-son” relationship.