L'allenatore nel pallone 2

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L'allenatore nel pallone 2

L'allenatore nel pallone 2

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L'allenatore nel pallone 2

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Lino Banfi, Alessandro Bonanni, Stefania Spugnini, Giuliana Calandra, Anna Falchi, Biagio Izzo, Maurizio Casagrande, Max Parodi, Andrea Roncato, Ilaria D'Amico, Little Tony, Corrado Oddi, Luca Toni, Francesco Totti, Sandro Piccinini, Fulvio Collovati, Giampiero Mughini, Cristiano Militello, Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Graziani, Roberto Pruzzo, Claudio Lotito, Marco Materazzi

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35mm - colour

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Oronzo Canà, once coach of the mythical Longobarda soccer team, has been out of the game for years, much to his regret. Though he now grows olives, he still dreams of returning to coaching. Then he is asked to appear on a TV sports show. The Longobarda team has just been promoted to the top A League, but only because the squad that finished ahead of it has gone bankrupt. Canà is asked to talk about the “mythical” Longobarda club of twenty years earlier … During the show a reporter remembers how, even though Canà had managed to save the team from relinquishment to a lower league, he was fired as coach. Pressured by the reporter, Canà reveals the real reason for his firing, giving the first eyewitness account of some of soccer’s dirty secrets. After saying what he has to say, Canà returns to his day-to-day life … Or at least he tries to: a series of incredible events bring him back to coach his team in its first season in the A League. His dream has come true. He is back with the mythical Longobarda squad.