Why does the elderly florist Zemeli (Carlo Cantore) spend so much time watching TV news reports about the murder of former Nazis in hiding in South America? Who are the people in the videotape from Israel that he’s so fond of playing? Is he a victim, a murderer, both? In Mystery? director Antonio Capuano sets aside the strongly imagined stories set in his native Naples, such as Pianese Nunzio: Fourteen in May, for an austere tale set in a gray city in northern Italy and characters who lead closed, almost impenetrable lives. Zemeli, a fastidious elderly bachelor, divides his existence between TV dinners and taking orders in his flower shop. The mystery begins when he starts to see himself on television in ghostly, violent images. Ably incorporating elements of film noir, and balancing the film between danger and irony, Capuano and cinematographer Luca Bigazzi create an atmosphere of suspense that hovers over this ordinary man all the way to the film’s ambiguous conclusion. This new Italian film is being screened in Taormina as a world premiere.