Episode I
Fortunato is a truck driver – disillusioned and a bit of a scoundrel – who has spent years transporting stolen Ferrari’s to the Arab Emirates for a Roman company. But now he swears his next journey is going to be his last. It’s time to pass the baton to young Marcello, who has only been with the company for a few months. Between hilarious adventures and surreal road blocks, they strike up a genuine friendship. However, an unexpected but turbulent encounter results in them taking a surprising detour.
Episode II
Giulio is a dentist who has just turned fifty. He lives in a beautiful penthouse with a panoramic view of Rome and an Indian domestic. A failed marriage has plunged him into depression and he is supposed to attend an imminent convention in St. Petersburg, but has absolutely no desire to go. However, Fausto, a friend and colleague is in no doubt: Russia is the land of easy sex and a week there is better than a year of psychoanalysis. He puts Giulio in contact with Vito Calzone, an unlikely and comical on-line organizer of sexual tourism jaunts. Between the dominatrix, the translator and the Russian Mafia…things definitely get out of hand in this comic romp.