Mala Tempora (first feature)

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Mala Tempora

Mala Tempora

Mala Tempora

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Mala Tempora

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(Abruzzi, Italy, around 1270 a.C.) A countess leaves to her daughter Iacovella, a mysterious object of big value. It’s cause of their misfortune. Pietro, an hermit monk, will deliver the object to the Pope. Placido, one elderly Templar monk, is coming back from Holy Land; he is searching for Pietro, to show him some relics. Iacovella, before giving the object to the monk, she couldn’t stand to watch it, remaining influenced by it. The girl persuades her brothers, to recover the object. They reach Pietro and take the objet from him, leaving the monk tied into a deep cleft. Inside there Pietro finds another hermit, Romualdo, who’s been living in the cleft for two years. Placido finds Pietro in the cleft and all together with Romualdo, they decide to run after the bandits who robbed Pietro. The morning after they find one of the two bandits, he has been killed and they recognize him as one of the countess’ sons. Iacovella meets his brother Ugone and after e sequel of lies, she puts some poison in his brother water. She doesn’t want to share the object with anybody else. Just like her brother The tree monks find a corpse. They believe he’s the second bandit, but after a check they recognize Iacovella; she was strangled. The pursuit continues immediately. Near a lake, they find the third man; Ugone has been poisoned by his dead sister. Pietro shows the object to Romualdo and to Placido. But the morning after the Templar has disappeared with the object, victim of its incomprehensible fascination. Pietro and Romualdo find him desperate. In his hands not the object but a bread put on a spoon; Pietro exchanged it during the night and now takes the real object from his pocket. It is a golden mirror with jams, an uncommon object for that time, capable of reflecting images and showing the real nature of persons. Peter melts the mirror to carry it easily toward Rome, but, at that point, he gets to know that the Pope is in Lione. The monk decides to leave immediately toward France. The Templar follows him in this difficult journey, deciding to show him the “real relic” that he is carrying from Holy Land.