Gloss – Cambiare si può (first feature)

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Gloss – Cambiare si può

Gloss – Cambiare si può

Gloss – Cambiare si può

original title:

Gloss – Cambiare si può


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35mm - colour

Alex, a transexual girl in search of identity. Growing up, Alex denied, still in her adolescence, her male identity, because of the overwhelming difficulties that afflicted her. The discrimination and hazing Alex had to endure during his adolescence, when he was struggling with his female nature, forced her to suppress altogether his boyness and to replace it with a more convenient reality. Therefore, Alex has now to work in reverse: she needs to trace back her having been a boy, in order to revisit and reacquire her male component, and become thus a balanced and content woman. A intimate and entertaining comedy, that does not miss out on the opportunity of showing how sex change has nothing to do with sex.