Black Sea (first feature)

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Black Sea (Mar Nero)

Black Sea (Mar Nero)

Black Sea (Mar Nero)

original title:

Mar Nero

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HD/35mm - colour

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Gemma, a recently widowed elderly lady and Angela her Romanian nurse who has been living in Italy just a few months, live together in the same house. They are both two lonely souls who are unawaringly trying to find each other, until one day, a sudden tragic event will disrupt everything : Angela’s husband who had stayed behind in Romania, mysteriously disappears. The young woman wants to leave and go look for him, but Gemma, refuses to let her go, since she is scared of being left alone. However Gemma is also a woman with a big heart, and she will decide to accompany Angela to go look for him.In an “on the road” adventure against time, the two women will find themselves in Romania at the mouth of the Danube river, each one searching for their own truth. Two fragile characters, who together will create a new force.