Escape from the Call Center

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Escape from the Call Center (Fuga dal call center)

Escape from the Call Center (Fuga dal call center)

Escape from the Call Center (Fuga dal call center)

original title:

Fuga dal call center

directed by:



Manuel Donninelli, con la collaborazione di Carlotta Cristiani e Valentina Andreoli

costume design:


Gagarin, Ardaco, Ester Productions, supported by: Orda D’oro Film, Adverteam, Augustuscolor, Lo Scrittoio – Milano, Pontaccio





film run:



HD/35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

Badly paid temporary work with no prospects is known in Italy as precariato. Hundreds of thousands of young people have become victims of this particular consequence of the poor economic situation, forced to forget about “impractical” university education and take on menial positions, such as call-centre jobs. This is the fate of Gianfranco, the hero of the acerbic comedy by co-writer and director Federico Rizzo. A promising graduate of volcanology, he receives life’s first slap in the face in the form of a headset with microphone, with which, armed with a set of standard questions, he is forced to plough his way through a list of randomly selected homeowners, day after day. His girlfriend Marzia, an ambitious reporter, isn’t much better off as a switchboard operator for an erotic hotline. The grotesquely stylised scenes portraying the inauspicious lives of young Italians are linked up with interviews with real-life precariati, offering their insight into the insane philosophy of ubiquitous call centres.