Good morning Aman (first feature)

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Good morning Aman

Good morning Aman

Good morning Aman

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Good morning Aman

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35mm - colour

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Aman, a 20 year-old Somali boy who grew up in Rome, works in a second-hand car store. Since he suffers from insomnia, during the night he is used to cruise through the Esquiline Hill streets, between the Termini Railway Station and Vittorio Emanuele Square. One of those nights, he secretly goes up to the balcony of an apartment building, and there he meets Terry, a 40 years old ex boxer with an obscure past. The two become friends and little by little this friendship turns into a strongly ambiguous relation. Terry uses the boy for his own purpose, but Aman, in turn, foresees in this relation a chance of social redemption.