That Summer (first feature)

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That Summer (Quell'estate)

That Summer (Quell'estate)

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festivals & awards:

  • ShorTS – International Film Festival 2009: Ippocampo - Best First Film
  • Rome Film Fest 2008: Alice nella Città: In Competition
  • Sudestival in DC 2013: Panorama
  • FilmSpray 2013: Concorso
  • Sudestival - Sguardi di Cinema Italiano 2013: In Competition
  • Popoli e Religioni - Umbria International Film Festival 2012: in Competition
  • Tolentino International Film Festival 2012: Feature Films
  • Visioni Off 2009: Panorama
  • Cinema d'Autore a Carbognano 2009: Panorama
  • Clorofilla Film Festival 2009: Special Event
  • Rassegna Cinematografica Frentana 2009: Prima!
  • Mostra Cinematografica dello Stretto 2009: Nuovo Sguardo sul Cinema
  • Il Cinema Italiano Visto da Milano 2009: Concorso “Rivelazioni”
  • Il Cinema Italiano - Festival a Como 2009: In Competition

Each member of the Rienzi family was sure that returning to the country house that summer would be special. It certainly was for father Vittorio, recovering from a heart attack. It was too for daughter Eleonora, hoping to finally continue her relationship with the handsome Antonio, and mother Marinella, intent on reviving her rather tired marriage. And it was especially so for 15 year old Matteo whose winter had been spent dreaming of the young and beautiful Fiorenza. The return to the old house was heavy with hope and expectation, but none of them could have imagined that it would change their lives so dramatically. Quell'estate is redolent of adolescence, packed with dreams, hopes and fears.