Petites historias das crianças

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Petites historias das crianças

Petites historias das crianças

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Petites historias das crianças




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Ready (17/07/2008)

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Ashgare is 12 years old. He lives in a small flat in the suburbs of Tehran and is the son of Kurdish refugees. He is a very good student. Fouda is 12 years old as well. He lives with his mother and his albinotic sister in a sheet-iron house in a village close to Yaounde, Camerun’s capital. He is very conscious of his duties. Faris is a bit younger than Fouda. He was born in Sarajevo. He didn’t see the war but the distroyed buildings and cemeteries remind him of it every day. He admires his brother a lot. Li Xue Ye is an 11 years old little girl, she lives with her grandmother and her father in a small village in the boundless chinese countryside. She lost her mother. Every day she has to go and get water from the well for her family. Every morning Bruno walks through his favela in Rio de Janeiro to go to school. He lives alone with his father, who often stays at home because he doesn’t have a regular job. They all share a dream: playing football and becoming footballers. These are their small stories…