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Ready (17/07/2008)

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Ana Carolina Dias is a Brazilian star, daughter of an ex-policeman condemned for crimes connected with acts of violence against minors and, while in prison, converted to evangelism. Ana, known as the Menina Pregadora, is without doubt one of the world’s youngest authorities on religion. Ana is in fact only twelve, but has already been entertaining crowds of the faithful for ten years. It all began when Ana, at the age of three, developed an extremely serious – and very strange – disease. She is at death’s door, but the doctors have no idea what she is suffering from. The situation comes to a head and – at least so say Ana and her father – she dies. Then follow her father’s supplications, imploring Christ to intercede and restore her to life. Thanks can only be expressed by consecrating Ana to the Word of the Lord. Her father – having in the meantime become an evangelical Pastor by the name of Ezekiel – introduces her to preaching. But perhaps not even he imagines what is about to happen. Ana, on show to the public as someone miraculously saved, seizes the microphone and in front of a crowd of tens of thousands begins to tell her story, to pray, to invoke Christ, sinking briefly into a deep mystical trance which immediately infects the public. Ana, at less than four years old, has become a star...