I dreamt of colourful clouds

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I dreamt of colourful clouds (Sognavo le nuvole colorate)

I dreamt of colourful clouds (Sognavo le nuvole colorate)

original title:

Sognavo le nuvole colorate

directed by:


Edison Duraj, Alessandro Santoro, Besjana Duraj, Quano Duraj, Beatrice Santoro, Gino Santoro, Zana Duraj, Kadri Duraj



Fabrizio Carchiolo


Francesco Libetta


TPF Telemaco, Torcida Film, Oistros, Xtend





film run:



DV Cam - colour


Ready (17/07/2008)

festivals & awards:

Edison is an Albanian child who emigrated to Italy when he was only nine years old, without his parents, for a journey of hope, on a rubber dinghy. He is in search of a sustainable existence, yet he don’t think of himself as a victim, but rather as the protagonist of an adventure, at the pursuit of colourful clouds. A challenge launched to the world and to himself, gambled on among the different faces of someone who is maybe playing a role or maybe wants only to dodge his breathless childhood. “I dreamt of colourful clouds” is also the story of a friendship which can change life: that between Edison and Alessandro. A young director from Lecce who let the Albanian kid enter his world. He builds around him a theatre show, putting his identity at a stake. Edison’s irrepressible will of succeeding finds an opportunity in Alessandro’s welcome. The human factor become decisive and give the story an unexpected outcome: an exchange of roles.