Soltanto un nome nei titoli di testa

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Soltanto un nome nei titoli di testa

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Volante Uno, Raisat Cinema, Teche Rai






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Ready (29/05/2008)

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Years ago Ugo Pirro drew the knight Luigi Calvo, a cartoon figure rebelling against its author. Pirro dedicated his life to creative writing - fictional and autobiographic novels, articles, the words of the song Cerasella and, above all, films. Indeed, Pirro was one of the greatest Italian scriptwriters and some of his films have become a symbol of the cinema of public commitment. When in 1968 the Venice Film Festival was occupied in protest, Pirro was in the forefront with many other writers including Zavattini, with whom he went on to exchange letters for years. They wrote to one another about their journeys and meetings but above all, they discussed their ideas, creative methods, the scriptwriter’s role and the role of those who voluntarily wrote images that others would perform and transform into a film. «Pirro only seemed to be a reporter, but in actual fact he was an inventor», Tullio Kezich says when discussing La sala dei professori, a theater script Pirro wrote in 1994, based on a subject that was to fill the newspapers several years later. Ugo Pirro was a writer who could look ahead, describe what was about to happen or change in society in advance. «In advance... – he loved to repeat to his pupils – ...but not too much, otherwise they won’t understand you».