The Love Hour

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The Love Hour (L'ora d'amore)

original title:

L'ora d'amore


Mauro Cerci, Gaia Cerci, Deborah Caivano, Fatima Osmanovic, Angelo Verdoni





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HD - colour


Ready (09/10/2008)

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L’ora d’amore is a film about the tough routine of imprisonment, both inside and out, about the difficulty those who find themselves behind bars have in maintaining and protecting relations. Mostly filmed inside the jail, a place where every footstep comes up against a barrier and every form of human contact is mediated by checks and controls, the film follows the sentimental lives of some of the prison inmates and their relationship with the outside. In their gestures and words it tries to catch the attempt to win redemption from loneliness and fear. Perhaps for the first time we see a viewpoint of people who regularly frequent the prison where a relative is living, in order to be close to their loved one.