Natale a Rio

Fabio loves Linda and thinks, by mistake, that she wants to vacation with him in Rio. When she comes to the airport with Gianni, her boyfriend, to introduce him to her father, who has lived in Brazil for many years. It is too late for Fabio to change plans: he has to leave with them, playing gooseberry to the two lovers. They all arrive in Rio, Gianni cheats on Linda, the two break up, and Linda, faced with the problem of no longer having a prospective husbands to introduce to her father, asks Fabio to pretend that they are engaged. Fabio agrees, but then Gianni returns, threatening to ruin his plans. Paolo and Mario leave for Rio de Janeiro, unaware that their sons have chosen the same destination. The sons and fathers have the same names, and the vacations get switched, with the sons enjoying luxury accommodations and the fathers winding up in youth hostels in rough neighbourhoods. To top things off, their ex-wives show up.