Pandemia (first feature)

It’s been no more than an year that a tremendous plague was brought by the rain. The water has polluted the earth spreading all over the infection. Some survivors has find shelter in a small village in the countryside. One family is composed by a young woman Lidia and her grandfather Simone, and another by Giovanni and his wife Sara. The state of emergency is nearly chronic. People lives in a lack of water and in mistrustful relationships. The empty and ripetitive life of the small community is unsettle (distraught) by the arrival of Arno, son’s of the married couple. He was enlisted in the rescue team but became later a villain, living with burden of a terrible and secret guilt. Arno hopes uselessly to find is beloved ones incorrupted by the events and belives to start over again, and to resist to this “inner/souls plague” that infected each and every thing , but finds out the decay that grasps the community: his mother’s affair with a young and cynical merchant, his father’s affair with Lidia, while he was falling in love. Only Simone , the old visionary (dreamer) with a child’s heart, due to senile insanity, is still innocent. Conflicts are exploding and Arno leaves to return where the crime was committed and deal with his guiltness Lidia runs away too and catch up him. The journey begins. Plunged in visually astonishing landscapes the two discover an apocalyptic world of misery and violence, but also of hope and kindness. Through the wild nature that slowly embrace and wipe out every human trace, they will bring with themselves a senseless wish of life and redemption until the end of the journey when, under the possibly contagious rain, the two could forgive themselves and find in it redemption and strength to start over again. On the edge of a cliff, still wet by the rain that melt down the dirt from their faces.