What More Do I Want

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What More Do I Want (Cosa voglio di più)

What More Do I Want (Cosa voglio di più)

What More Do I Want (Cosa voglio di più)

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Cosa voglio di più

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35mm - colour

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Anna has become everything that she was expected to become: she has a job which is unpretentious but decorous; she is lively, affectionate with her family, friends and her partner, Alessio, with whom she has decided to have a child. What she lacks is perhaps only the courage to take responsibility for her future once and for all.
Her future has the shape of an office, in a city that is continually expanding, the pale colours of a train that takes her from the suburbs to the centre of town, and the stronger shades of a relationship which seems serene to her.
When Domenico bursts into her life, however, all those contours disappear and for the first time she focuses on love, desire and passion. But in spite of her physical fulfilment Anna’s love has limits: Domenico is married to Miriam and they have two children.
Domenico and Anna’s story is a whispered rebellion, with its secret meetings, its caresses suffocated when the lunch break ends, and its trysts in order to have sex in a motel room rented by the hour. Until Anna decides she wants much more and the lies won't hold up anymore…