The Cop (second feature)

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The Cop (Sbirri)

The Cop (Sbirri)

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35mm - colour

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The successful television journalist Matteo Gatti is determined to investigate the death of his teenage son when he learns that the boy has died of drugs. The father, known as an aggressive, committed reporter, enters into contact with agents of an elite police force, a special anti-narco squad specially trained to fight drug trafficking. Gatti infiltrates the milieu and joins the police in some of their undercover operations. As a father, Matteo is above all desperately seeking to comprehend his son's death and find out who is responsible. Perhaps it is also his way of facing the tormenting belief that somehow, as a failed parent, he has let his son down. Totally unsuspecting and unprepared for the world that awaits, Gatti slowly descends into the daily reality of a living hell. Shocked, stunned, and physically repulsed, he is nevertheless drawn into every harsh and tragic aspect of the phenomenon. He is soon struck by the magnitude of the drug problem and how rapidly and dramatically it has spread, sweeping across all social boundaries to destroy thousands of young lives at an ever earlier age. Yet, with each passing day, Gatti also discovers the extraordinary "ordinary" lives of each member of the squad. He sees these "everyday heroes" ready to risk their lives daily as part of their normal duty. He admires their simple dedication in facing the violence of crime to save just one more young victim who falls prey to its corruption.