Orlando, the eco-friendly Ogre

Orlando, the eco-friendly Ogre (Orlando)

Orlando, the eco-friendly Ogre (Orlando)

original title:


directed by:


Rita Aglietti, in collaboration with Doriana Leondeff, Fulvio Ottaviano


set design:

Roman Testoni

visual effects:

Mauro Sanna







35mm - colour


animation film

Galloping hooves. Snorts of camels, clanking, rustling, hissing... From the inside of a giant cage that rocks, creaks, rises and plunges again and again, the night sky inside out, a reversed moon, the tips of palm trees upside down... Bloodcurdling shouts and shrieks of laughter... The voice of a little boy cries Zenzanooo!!!" Orlando lives in Ogre Land with Mummy Ogre, Daddy Ogre, and his brother Otto. His brother Otto is a typical little ogre – that is, a big eater, allergic to books, but a champion at munching and crunching. Orlando’s life in Ogre Land is happy, filled with love from his tender family, and in total harmony with nature. All Ogres just know, without being told, how important it is to respect nature and protect its resources for present and future generations.In fact, all the city’s electricity – including stop lights and televisions – runs on fireflies! Yet, when he is still a little boy, Orlando begins to have terrifying nightmares. One night he overhears a strange conversation between his parents. A bizarre word keeps turning in his head: "Zenzano!". He realizes, little by little, that there is a secret about his past. He must find a mysterious woman named Yanna who, for some reason, can tell him about his life. He goes to see his brilliant classmate friend Jerry in her lab workshop. She spends most of her time there experimenting her incredible inventions. Orlando confides his deep suspicions that he might not be a real ogre like all the others....