Strade trasparenti

Strade trasparenti

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Strade trasparenti

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Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (25/10/2008)

Looking through the windows of a moving vehicle gives the sensation of being in front of a small screen, where the world unfolds itself in front of us only to be observed. In the case of Strade trasparenti, the trip takes place in the Brazilian routes. A Brazil that presents itself like a terra incognita, to be travelled and discovered; a place that is all the places (all the other continents joined by an only path), and at the same time differs from them for its youth, its nature, its people. The encounters with the people that run into each other in the road provide a dose of humanity and a new view of the national (world) being that confront them with established ideas and preconceptions. With a soundtrack composed by musicians from all over the world, that universality is consolidated in the image and sound. The journeys teach, widen the horizons and, in the case of Strade transparenti, also offer a revealing experience regarding geographies, humanities, and sensations.