Kiss me again

Kiss me again (Baciami ancora)

Kiss me again (Baciami ancora)

Kiss me again (Baciami ancora)

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Baciami ancora

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35mm - colour


Dolby Digital

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Nine years later, we catch up with the characters of The Last Kiss. Carlo and his friends are each at various crossroads in their lives. Now in their forties, calmer and more philosophical, they have left behind the heady days of bachelorhood and casual affairs, late nights and hangovers, and unrealistic dreams. Now there are children to get to school on time, separations to negotiate, jobs to take seriously, lifestyles to pay for, pills for various ailments, and routines to follow. They have lost the passion that drove their relationships and careers and are left wondering, what happens next. Is this it for the next 20, 30 years? Is it too late? Is life “over”? Carlo is in the midst of being divorced by Giulia for infidelity. He is living with his young girlfriend Anna and spending a few hours a week with his daughter Sveva, and it’s killing him. A health scare makes him painfully aware of how desperately he wants Giulia back and that she is the love of his life. But how can she trust him after all the pain and betrayal of the past. Is his desire for her really just masking his jealousy of the man she is living with now? Marco, a traditional and macho man, is very sure of himself and used to being in charge. He deals with his wife’s frustration at their inability to have a baby by suppressing honest communication. When Veronica leaves him for a younger man, Marco spins out of control, revealing his emotional fragility. Realizing the need to alter his opinions and stop taking things for granted, Marco is soon put to the test and discovers that he is capable of an act of extraordinary generosity and love. Adriano has returned to Italy after a 9 year absence, including 2 years in a Colombian jail for drug smuggling. All his friends are settled, have nice homes, families, jobs, and he has nothing but a bad record. He must attempt to rebuild his life from scratch and is anxious to develop a relationship with Matteo, the son he had by his ex wife Livia. A chance meeting with a woman who has endured her own painful breakup with her husband offers them both a fresh start, just when he needs someone to trust him again. Paolo believes that in his depressed state he is the only one who sees the truth, but he is in fact the most fragile of the group, unable to handle maturity. He has been seeing Adriano’s ex wife, Livia, and wants to formally install himself in her life by moving in. Though Livia loves him dearly, Paolo’s mood swings scare her. She cannot trust him to be around her son and share a normal life with them, thus pushing him to the edge. Alberto has not matured a day since the group of friends were spending nights with different women and dreaming of days on faraway beaches. He still believes it’s not too late to follow his dreams and plans another escape from reality. Kiss Me Again is a film about listening to your heart and renewal, starting over and picking up the pieces, the value of family and friendship, and discovering that there is passion and satisfaction in sharing your life with the people who love and know you best.