18 anni dopo (first feature)

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18 anni dopo

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Francesca Sartori, Clementina Ciavarella

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Mirko and Genziano are two brothers in their mid thirties who have not seen nor spoken to each other since that day when their mother tragically died in a car accident. Genziano now lives in London where he is a successful, workaholic, stock broker. Mirko has remained in Rome where he lives and workes with their father and where he is married to Mirella and has a 4 years old little boy. Life seemed to proceed until their father dies too. In his will, the father asks both sons to take his ashes to the mother’s grave. He wants them to do it in the Morgan he spent his life restoring, which was destroyed in the accident that killed their mother. The two reluctantly face the trip which will turn out full of adventures. In the mean time in Rome, Mirko's wife and Enrico, the brothers' grandfather, will attempt to reconstruct the family mystery. The story unrolls along the roads of southern Italy where our brothers meet a pretty girl, Cate. She is as simple as mysterious! Is she there to help or to be helped by them? During the whole journey, Mirko and Genziano will squabble, but gradually, they come to understand how it really went that day and rediscover their brotherly love lost with their mum, years ago… but that, could have only happened under Cate’s mysterious gaze. A tragicomic, melancholic and fun trip through their memory. A trip that will change everybody's lives for ever. A bitter comedy on guilt, family relations, settling accounts and all that happened Eighteen Years Later.