Petty letters and love crimes (second feature)

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Petty letters and love crimes (Dalla vita in poi)

Petty letters and love crimes (Dalla vita in poi)

Petty letters and love crimes (Dalla vita in poi)

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Dalla vita in poi


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35mm - colour

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Rosalba loves Danilo, a young man who must spend many years in prison. To ease the suffering of his detention, she decides to write him a sweet, passionate and lyrical letter every day. However it is not easy to translate her feelings into words, so she turns for help to Katia, her best friend, who is now confined to a wheelchair. Katia takes on the role of ‘love promoter,’ just like Cyrano de Bergerac, but it soon grows dangerous, as little by little those emotions, those poetic lines conceived for Rosalba become her own, and Danilo’s passionate replies start to belong to Katia.
When Rosalba and Danilo break up, Katia sets out to meet him in prison, to see what the man she has fallen for actually looks like. Unfortunately, as she is not a relative she can’t obtain a permission to see him. However, her will is stronger than the rules and in the end she manages to meet him. This is the most emotional moment of her life. Other encounters follow, difficult and not at all intimate in the cold visitors’ area, but in the end Danilo falls in love with her too. They decide to get married. The whole prison takes part in the event. When the judge grants Danilo permission to see his young wife outside the prison, Katia, helped by Rosalba, arranges an escape for him. Of course Danilo jumps at the opportunity, but while he is escaping he realizes that life as a fugitive will separate him from Katia, whom he cannot live without now. So he decides to give himself up and settles back into prison life once again.