Afraid of the Dark (first feature)

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Afraid of the Dark (Hai paura del buio)

Afraid of the Dark (Hai paura del buio)

original title:

Hai paura del buio

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35mm - colour

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Eva, a Romanian girl just fired from the factory where she worked, suddenly decides to sell all her personal belongings and leave Bucarest in order to go to Italy. Her destination is Melfi, a town in Lucania where a Fiat plant is located. Anna, a young worker, works and lives there with her unemployed father, mother and ill grandma. One day the two girls occasionally meet and Anna decides to give hospitality to the other. Also her family favourably welcomes Eva, since she is willing to take care of Anna’s grandmother. But Eva – who in the meanwhile has started a relationship with a worker – did not randomly choose to go to Melfi. Her mother Katia, who she has not seen in the past nine years, lives right there with Mirko, a shady character. While Eva is coming to terms with her past, Anna is leaving Melfi due to the temporary closing of the factory after a fire, trying hard to build a different future for herself in Naples, where she studies at the university.