The Diary of an Affiliate

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The Diary of an Affiliate (Diario di uno “Scuro”)

The Diary of an Affiliate (Diario di uno “Scuro”)

The Diary of an Affiliate (Diario di uno “Scuro”)

original title:

Diario di uno “Scuro”


Edoardo Cicchetti





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Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (25/06/2009)

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The true story of Antonio Perrone, a university student from a respectable bourgeois family, who in the 1980s became a founding member and boss of the mafia organization known as the Sacra Corona Unita (Sacred United Crown). In contrast to Sicily’s Cosa Nostra or Naples’ Camorra, the newly created SCU involved the younger generation. In the as yet “uncontaminated” southern Italian region of Puglia, they perpetrated organized criminal activities as the simplest means of obtaining an easy life. This “hybrid” documentary uses authentic testimony by Perrone’s wife, as well as archive footage, staged sequences, and scenes taken from a feature film recently shot on the same theme. Perrone himself, who spent the first 15 years of his 49-year sentence in solitary confinement, appears in the film via his own words as expressed in the autobiography of his rise and fall.