Cast Lead

Cast Lead (Piombo fuso)

Cast Lead (Piombo fuso)

original title:

Piombo fuso

directed by:




Roberto Ruini, Fausto Rizzi






film run:



DV Cam - colour


Ready (16/05/2009)

festivals & awards:

You don't leave Gaza, you don't enter Gaza. It is January 6 2009, the eleventh day of the Israeli attack against the Gaza Strip. While beyond the impenetrable wall that separates Gaza from the rest of the world, the aerial bombing continues and the invasion of the land intensifies, no witness has yet been able to enter the Strip because of the total block imposed on the international press by the troops of occupation. Only the wounded, the dead and a few trucks with medicinal supplies cross the frontier with Egypt. Whoever is here to report the war must make do with a few sentences stolen from those who accompany the wounded, while all the cameras are pointed across the border to frame the columns of black smoke rising from the houses in the distance. Then, unexpectedly, and almost by accident, an imperceptible gap opens in the impermeable barrier of the border. Before closing again, a very few people succeed in crossing over. Among them there is also a film director with a camera. This film shows what that camera was able to shoot on the other side of that border. It is a simple story in images of daily life in Gaza during the final dramatic days of the "Melted lead Operation”.