Great Expectations

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Great Expectations (Grandi speranze)

Great Expectations (Grandi speranze)

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Grandi speranze





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Ready (17/08/2009)

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Antonio Ambrosetti, with his exclusive training course “Future Leaders”, Federico Morgantini, trying to fulfil his ambitions as an entrepreneur; Matteo Storchi, a successful manager in his family business. These are the protagonists of “Great Expectations”, a documentary film about Italy’s young entrepreneurs. A journey through the places and times of the future managerial class now being shaped. One of them teaches privileged young people how to hold onto power using expressions, models and experiences; one of them, who has relocated to Shanghai, is following his dream of opening a sparkling mineral water plant; one of them, during endless meetings, obstinately imposes a western work method on blank-faced Chinese employees. Three episodes, three staging devices, to portray our protagonists at a crucial time in their lives: when the risk they are taking is not yet guaranteed to succeed. Marked by destinies already set, a thirst for easy success and economic invasions, the human comedy accompanies us on a journey from Italy to China, poised between great expectations and misgivings.