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Rosettafilm, Accademia Perduta Romagna





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Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (17/03/2009)

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ltiburtinoterzo is like an "Indian reservation", as Daniele 'The Octopus' likes to describe his neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city. And this famous working class quarter of Rome, with its cement blocks on the fringes of the city, is truly a 'reservation' as well as being the turf of Daniele, Jari, Emiliano, Massimo, Robertino. Boys filled with the myths of the born poor, of fast living, easy money, flowing cocaine, and those aimless nights driving in circles around the city. All against the backdrop of Rome and it’s infinite roads, with its present and future filled with expectations. Like a mirage. It is a world where the future is a time that no one knows will ever come, where only the present counts, and everything has to be here and now, burned fast just to hurry back to speeding in circles around the city. In this race to who knows where, our protagonists tell their stories, laugh, cry, hope, their heads filled with the dreams of kids and the expectations of men, of robberies, women, the football matches they played as children, just a year or two ago. Now that prison is a possibility, though, it is not too clear what the other alternative is. These boys, today at the dawn of the third millennium, share a lot and at the same time very little with the innocent lives that inspired the books and films of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Yet some, like Daniele, know about the director and have some very definite ideas about him: «Pasolini was a very good strategist ... he had already foreseen it all... too bad he got caught...»