La notte quando è morto Pasolini

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La notte quando è morto Pasolini

La notte quando è morto Pasolini

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La notte quando è morto Pasolini

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Rosettafilm, Accademia Perduta Romagna





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Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (17/03/2009)

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On 2 November 1975, in a bleak yard for seaplanes near Rome, the writer, film director, poet Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered. On 26 April 1976, during court proceedings, Pino Pelosi, a little thug, then seventeen, was found guilty of murder.
Thirty years later, in 2005, Pino Pelosi changed his story and accused three unknown suspects whom he refused to name. Today, Pino Pelosi says that the brothers Franco and Giuseppe Borsellino, both now dead, were the murderers. Beyond Pino Pelosi's many truths, there are still so many mysteries surrounding one of the darkest and most painful moments in the history of Italy. This film is Pino Pelosi's story of what happened that night. "Someone really wanted him dead...maybe for his political ideas...I don’t know. Or because he was different...If you can call a gay person different. " "He screamed ... screamed ... screamed ... Help me ... help me ... my God ... then I didn't hear anything anymore ... and he fell..." "They said to me: He's still alive ... let's run him over ... what the fuck ... just a dirty communist... a fag ..." "I was seventeen, I was there ... I didn't even think of murder... l thought maybe it would be a lesson... but a human being ... can't get beat up like that and still come out alive..."