Bumba Atomika (first feature)

original title:

Bumba Atomika

directed by:


Chiara Pavoni, Luigi Moretti, Erika Ferranti, Mauro Negri, Rodolfo Borsella, Giovanni Salici, Davide Rotondo, Francesco Massaccesi, Mauro Negri, Giulia Elisei, Maria Manzottto Magi




Kurnalcool, Der Feuerkreiner, Violavenere






film run:



Mini DV - colour

aspect ratio:


festivals & awards:

  • New Beijing International Movie Week 2009: In Competiton
  • SFF-rated Athens Intl Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival 2009: In Competiton
  • Swansea Bay Film Festival 2009: In Competiton
  • ReelHeART International Film Festival 2009: In Competiton
  • African Horrorfest 2008: Best Music
  • Amberg Horror Fest 2008: In Competiton

It’s a hot summer in the Marche region, a central Italy location famous for its valuable wines, great food and breathtaking views. Four friends are going to spend their unforgettable summer. They love every alcoholic drink, and they want to drink only the best wines and liquors. Always more and more drinks...and in this way, they don’t study at university and burn all their money. One of them (Camillo) is going to be released from prison, after years spent in because of a robbery with a bad ending. Their re-union is the chance to create a new and tight-knit gang. The night after Camillo release, his aunt, who’s in charge for his care, accidentally dies and creates a lot of troubles for the guy: who can trust him if he says this dead is not his fault? In fact he was in prison for a murder attempt…
So, without any other idea, he relies on his friends and only Berna B. does something. When too drunk, she decides to write an ad for the corpse on a website and she unbelievably finds out that a lot of people is interested on this kind of “goods”. At the first meeting for the sale, they receive a lot of money and so they decide to solve their problems.
But, as soon as the money arrives, it’s spent and the problem comes back. How to find money? The solution is simple: find out another corpse…and this is only the beginning….