Il sole di Nina (first feature)

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Il sole di Nina

Il sole di Nina

Il sole di Nina

original title:

Il sole di Nina


Giovanni Franzoni, Silvia Benedini, Tapani Mononen, Federica Restani, Werner Di Donato



Jandha Film, Lubiam Moda per l'Uomo, Mantova Film Commission, Ars progetti Teatrali e Cinematografici





film run:



HD/Digi Beta Pal - colour

festivals & awards:

  • Est Film Festival 2009: In Competition

Nina, a clown who lives on the roofs of a little town encircled by lakes, lingers over along the lake, touched, looking at the still water surface painted afar and the many people who walk down there, under her sight, fast and absent-minded, each one with their own story and shadow inside their heart and behind them. Through all this wandering around, melancholia takes over Nina and covers up the roofs. She is the soaring soul of the past time: she has suffered, but she will never tell why. She will eventually turn into an angel - for some a visible one for others a pure presence - and she will enlighten the existence of the persons she meets, she will nurture their weakness, distress and fears. This is the only way how she will figure out for herself the answer to the question she beholds.