C’è chi dice no

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C’è chi dice no

C’è chi dice no

original title:

C’è chi dice no


set design:

costume design:


Cattleya, in collaboration with Universal Pictures International





film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

Three former schoolmates gather for a reunion after twenty years and realize that they pursued a common enemy: those who do not get a job because of their talents but thanks to the support of powerful relatives and friends.
Max is a reporter in a local newspaper that was forced to write for the most unlikely of magazines. Once he comes a step away from the much needed good employment, he is undermined by the daughter of a famous writer. Irma despite being one of the most respected doctors of the hospital, lives with scholarships, and just when she is going to get a well-deserved contract, she is bypassed by the favorite mistress of the hospital general manager. Samuel is a kind of genius of the criminal law, and after spending years as an assistant to a university professor, he is about to win a competition for research, but - again - the place he will be blown by son of the professor.
Ten years of exams, degrees and specializations are unnecessary and their future seems sealed.
But the three friends decide to rebel against the system and to strike those who have blown their jobs through a series of small daily harassment, they invent an acronym - "pirates of merit" - and aim to make the life of a recommended living hell.
The plan, however, is ambitious and not without risks ....