Il colore delle parole

Il colore delle parole

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Il colore delle parole







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HD - colour


Ready (27/05/2009)

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Four African friends, musicians, African intermediaries and writers, all in Italy for over thirty years, are campaigning for the rights of the immigrants here. They also attempt to teach the Italians something of their culture. It’s the early seventies when Teodoro, Steve, Martin and Justin arrive in Rome. They’ve been sent by their families or governments to study in Italy in preparation for becoming leaders in their home countries. In Italy they experience friendship, love, political struggles, and decide to stay. They play soccer, put together a musical group, then each of them goes their own separate way, they get married, some with Italian women, buy a house and have children, but they still don’t have Italian citizenship. Over the years they see their names undergo many changes: from students they become “vu cumprà” (street sellers), “extracomunitari” (extraeuropeans) then immigrants. The laws become repressive and the Martelli rulings are replaced by the current “security package” that broadens the gap between Italian citizens and immigrants.