Moths (first feature)

original title:




Maura Morales Bergmann

set design:

Elin Sigurdardotter

costume design:

Luigi Piccolo






film run:



HD - colour

Two old friends in their forties meet at night in the street. They idly discuss life but actually talk about nothing, showings the emptiness of a desired, dreamed-off and imagined existence that has never really taken shape. Tonight is not like other nights. They are to meet somebody and after this meeting they should be able to change life, to make their dream come true and leave the ordinary world around them, a world they have never had the strength to escape from and in which they have always been involved. Two indolent men who move in the limbo of life, trying to vaguely grasp the meaning of it and becoming in the end the metaphor of a blind and desperate mankind. But theirs is an absurd, childish and unrealistic robbery. Their dreamt escape from the world is deceptive: their meeting with life is actually a meeting with death and failure’s lucid folly is waiting for them, the end of all their dreams and the tragic and late awareness of a useless and wasted life.