From Zero

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From Zero


Stefano Strocchi


Pulse Media, MOVE productions





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Ready (13/09/2009)

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What happens in a disaster area after the cameras have departed? The mountainous Italian region of Abruzzo and its capital L'Aquila were struck by an earthquake on April 6, 2009, and the online platform From Zero -- Italy is a record of daily life there today. Sixty thousand locals were put up in tent camps, and one of these, Centicolella, was erected on a soccer field. Through daily episodes, the viewer gets to know people living in the camp and the wider situation in the area. The owner of Fausto's Café describes how he was just getting beer out of the cellar when the first shock came in April. Because of the danger of building collapse, the authorities only allow locals into the town under Fire Department supervision. The From Zero project aims to maintain attention for the lives of people after a disaster as well as to provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes perspective on the news by showing the situation six months after an entire town -- its public and private services and its buildings -- disappeared in a single day. During IDFA, Stefano Strocchi will create a live version of the project in the cinema.