Wonder When You'll Miss Me (second feature)

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Wonder When You'll Miss Me (Mi chiedo quando ti mancherò)

Wonder When You'll Miss Me (Mi chiedo quando ti mancherò)

original title:

Mi chiedo quando ti mancherò

directed by:


Francesco Fei, Chiara Barzini, Luca Infascelli, From the novel by Amanda Davis, with the same title


costume design:

Gaya Mugnai, Silvia Capra




Francesco Fei, Gabriella Manfrè, Consuelo Moschella, Yari Moschella, Fabio Nesi, Petra Seliskar





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Rome Film Fest 2019: Alice nella città - Panorama Italia - Premio RB Casting (Beatrice Grannò)
  • Festival del Cinema Città di Spello 2022: Concorso Film Italiani
  • Castellinaria Festival Internazionale del Cinema Giovane Bellinzona 2021: Concorso Kids - Premio Giuria Fuori Le Mura Kids
  • Un Posto nel Mondo 2021: Il Posto della Realtà
  • Cinema nel Chiostro 2021: Panorama
  • Flaiano Film Festival - Premi Internazionali Flaiano 2021: Finalmente in Sala!
  • Notti Bianche del Cinema 2021: Panorama
  • Notti Bianche del Cinema a Torino 2021: Panorama
  • Accadde Domani. Nuovo Cinema Italiano 2021: Panorama
  • Perugia Love Film Festival 2021: Film di Chiusura Migliore Film
  • BAFF - Busto Arsizio Film Festival 2021: Made in Italy Film
  • Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival 2020: Panorama
  • BAFF - Busto Arsizio Film Festival 2020: Made in Italy
  • Sudestival 2020: Concorso Lungometraggi Menzione Speciale Colonna Sonora
  • Cineselvaggi Film Festival 2019: Cineselvaggi Special

Amanda's 17 and lived a troubled life. To face the world, she made up a lively and politically incorrect imaginary girlfriend, who leads her through the hardest challenge: to grow up and master her own life.Her story is one of courage and boldness. An adventurous and romantic story, ferocious and yet funny. It is taken from "Wonder when you'll miss me", the second novel by Amanda Davis, the American writer who died prematurely. This is a road movie crossing physical and mental boundaries, running away from the past, seeking for a future that is still feasible.