Passione di Giovanni

Passione di Giovanni

Passione di Giovanni

original title:

Passione di Giovanni


Massimo Clemente

set design:

Carlo Cantono

costume design:

Marianna Barbaro, Mariella Navale





film run:



16mm/Digi Beta Pal - colour

release date:


A bunch of stories are taken from present in different places in Italy. The national manifestation of Fiat workers at Lingotto in Turin, may 2009, the visit of a woman to her man in Sulmona’s prison, a theatrical group working about “Othello” like not-only-a-tragedy, a young man wandering by himself in the suburbs of Rome, a child near a river of Turin asking his grandpa: little by little other presences, other moments succeed. Every situation describes a parallel line, not converging (life and film), and so many lines are proceeding during the film. Public and private life (individual and collective) are put together, both are close along narration and its developments, among social conflicts cried in the street and silent individual struggles. Some characters disappear, some else reappear later, new ones come, like in life. Every one lives his or her “passion” (like a common and human Christ), in a different way too, in different ambiences and conditions, but it is so. The film takes from life the process through which the personal stories before interlace and then part into opposite directions too. In the second part it also goes from the town to the countryside and discovers more and more the power of Vision. The gestures of the theatrical group open on life's representation and its mystery. The children are in the film like islands in the current.